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2014 NEC Class

The update class is getting going this morning with Chris Jensen teaching

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Public Restrooms

Over the years, I have received many phone calls from angry Husbands and Wives concerning being denied access to the restrooms in places of business. Many were calling embarrassed telling the horror story that a child or wife had an accident in the store after the owners saying the 
restrooms were not for public use or they were broken. 

Sadly many of the restrooms that should be open to the customers have 
become storage areas for the business or the owners were just too cheap to foot the bill for 
extra toilet paper etc.  Anyone old enough to recall the pay toilets of our youth and how it felt 
searching for a dime while jumping up and down squirming knows what I mean. 

The Codes stand on this is.  Toilet facilities must be available for all public establishments that are 
used by persons engaged in activities involved with the purpose of the establishment. Public 
establishments include but are not limited to restaurants, nightclubs, theaters, offices, retail shops, 
stadiums, libraries and churches. Persons engaged in the activities of the establishment include, but are not limited to, buyers of merchandise, recipients of services, viewers of displays, receivers of 
information materials, employees and those persons in attendance with those engaging in the activities. 

There is a change coming, The 2015 IBC 2902.3 Employee and public toilet facilities. 
Customers, patrons and visitors shall be provided with public toilet facilities in structures and tenant 
spaces intended for public utilization. The number of plumbing fixtures located within the required toilet facilities shall be provided in accordance with Section 2902.1 for all users. Employees shall be provided with toilet facilities in all occupancies. Employee toilet facilities shall be either separate or combined employee and public toilet facilities. 

Exception: Public toilet facilities shall not be required in: 
1. pen or enclosed parking garages where there are no parking attendants. 
2. Structures and tenant spaces intended for quick transactions, including takeout, pickup and                                       
drop-off, having a public access area less than or equal to 300 square feet . 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Monday, March 30, 2015

Blower Door Test IRC

A blower door test at a pressure of 0.2 inches w.g. is required to be performed. Testing shall be conducted by an approved party and a written report of the results shall be signed and provided to the building official. Or the components of the building thermal envelope as listed in Table N1102.4.1.1 shall be installed and inspected as applicable to the method of construction.